Seed Sisters, the artist collective of which I am a member, will have work on display in France this summer. We are exploring the concept of “Terroir,” which is a French word that relates to land, country, and origination.  The show opens on July 26th in Monflanquin, France, and runs through August 6th.

Gallery Address:

Salle d’Aquitaine
59 Place des Arcades
47150 Monflanquin
If you plan to be in France at this time, reach out, and I will connect you with Ann Stephens, the curator of the show.

About the included artwork:

This series of mixed media paintings are a personal mediation on the history, culture, and countries that have shaped me as an artist and a human. They consider the concept of terroir by integrating influences from multiple sources, much as a plant grown in a place is influenced by the specificities of soil, weather and care. The paintings also read like an archaeological investigation, in which one sees fragments of texts, broken forms, and fused layers of paint that read out a history that cannot be defined or understood in their individuality, but in their collective, allow a narrative to emerge.

Artwork titles from the top:

I Dwelled in Longing

The Heart is also a Territory

Myself, My Heart, East West

Land/Cliff Edge

Materials: acrylic, gouache, oil crayon, charcoal, found texts, including vintage Hebrew grammar books, Rocky Mountain News sheets, contemporary German newspapers, on wood panel, 12” x 12” each.

For pricing and purchase inquiries, email