March 11th through April 22nd, 2022
Rude Gallery, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Denver, CO

Featuring artwork by:
Makiko Berry, Osaka, Japan
Ingrid Bell, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Julia Rymer, Denver, Colorado, USA
Pippa Sibert, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
Ann Stephens, Salles, France



transitive verb

: to cause to sprout or develop

intransitive verb

1 : to come into being : evolve before Western civilization began to germinate— A. L. Kroeber

2 : to begin to grow : sprout waiting for the seeds to germinate

  Seed Sisters is an international artist collective comprised of five mixed-media artists working in a variety of materials, collaborating and connecting across time zones and continents. The group name is inspired by the potential of seeds to grow, flourish and develop into great potential; as the poet Cathy Ostroff says, “Every tree begins as a seed.”

To germinate means to come into being and to begin to grow. The Seed Sisters’ germination began in late 2019. Using both analog and digital means for inter-connection, the group members exchanged materials and works via post and met bi-monthly on online conference platforms, their ideas and plans germinating, coming into being with the culmination of work for exhibitions in Japan and the United States.

Inspired by their personal experiences with the natural environment of their home countries, which include Wales, Scotland, France, Japan and the Western United States, the Seed Sisters’ individual works reflect their unique perspectives and approach to creative practice, but collectively explore concepts of time, natural cycles and seasons, and accumulative layers. A meditation on cross-pollination and growth, this exhibition suggests the possibility for collaboration and unification in an increasingly disconnected and segmented world.