View from Mwnt, Wales, UK.

View from Mwnt, Wales, UK.

After yesterday’s angst, I needed a day to just be, and it turned out to be perfect weather for just such a day. After visiting in Cardigan and seeing some of the growing art scene there with a new artist friend, we drove up the coast to take in the views. It was a clear, blue sky, sunny and bright, illuminating the water and the hillsides into vibrant greens, blues and teals.

I spent the afternoon creating studies of the coast as well as the small objects I picked up in my wanderings yesterday, later stopping to make soup from the garden vegetables I harvested and jam from the blackberries and damsons I foraged.


I can feel the cloud lifting and the wheels beginning to turn in my head as I develop this emerging body of work. I feel myself engaging with the landscape in a way I do not normally get to, in that I get to fully immerse in every capacity, from walking through it to getting the dirt under my fingernails to making my daily food from it.

Blackberry and Damson Jam

Homemade Blackberry and Damson Jam

This is such a different life than the one I am used to living. I don’t have a car, and there is no bus or train, so I have to think ahead to what I need and how I will make do. Everything is intentional. Even the act of making the soup and the jam feels like a bit of art to me, as if it too is part of my creative process. Perhaps art and life will blend together through this experience, and I will feel less bifurcated and pulled in a million directions on a daily basis.